CHS Vault is an elite, yet affordable alternative for employee benefits in Northwest Indiana. Allow us to provide your business with affordable healthcare solutions directly from Community Healthcare System.


Community Healthcare System is committed to provide the highest quality care in the most cost-efficient manner, respecting the dignity of the individual, providing for the well-being of the community and serving the needs of all people, including the poor and disadvantaged.


We are transforming our mission into a health plan answer that we recognize so many local employer groups are looking for.


CHS Vault brings healthcare solutions provided by Community Healthcare System with the technology directly accessible to groups and members. You can now have a health plan that employees love and groups can afford.

Attract & Retain Employees

Employees and their families will now be able to afford their benefits


Employees and their families will be protected from exorbitant healthcare costs by rich benefit plan options


Employees and their families will have direct engagement and support from Community Healthcare System facilities and practitioners. That means teams of professional at employees' disposal to support their health and wellness endeavors

Cut Healthcare Costs

A rich, affordable health plan has collateral benefits as well as tangible incentives:

1) Improve productivity and profitability with less business disruption

2) Save on healthcare expenses due to effective cost containment strategies

3) Potential to receive dividend check back after successful plan year

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The Health Plan


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